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Assess-It! is a web-based application that supports academic program assessment at the University of Denver. Assess-It! replaces the assessment tool that was once part of the Portfolio Community (DUPC). Designed in collaboration with the Office of Academic Assessment (OAA), and with input provided by faculty and staff who are actively involved in academic program assessment at DU, Assess-It! is a highly flexible and easy to use system. Assess-It! will help you manage all aspects of program assessment from collecting, analyzing, reporting and archiving examples of student learning and performance.

Assess-It! is currently organized around three assessment models:

  1. On-line tests or surveys: Students can complete surveys or tests on-line at specific points in time you determine (e.g., exit survey; pre- or post-test; content knowledge survey after defined course sequences). Responses can be automatically scored, with results formatted into a summary report.
  2. Student learning artifacts: Students can submit authentic work in a variety of formats (e.g., essays, creative works, websites, audio files, images) that can be reviewed by multiple faculty members who also apply a rubric while evaluating the work on-line. Rubrics can be created with a "rubric builder" tool and student work and faculty evaluations can be archived.
  3. Performance reviews:Student performance reviews, whether by faculty on-campus (e.g., student presentations, art exhibits) or by off-campus supervisors (e.g., students in internship or practica placements), can be designed and administered. One or more supervisors can provide reviews of student performance (e.g., surveys, rating scales, written feedback), with off-campus supervisors using special guest log-in procedures.

Assess-It! has several improved features, including:

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